Automated Lighting Solutions for the home or Business

“Tower Automation lighting solutions can transform your home with a touch. Simple, intuitive and easily accessible”.

A true cinema experience

Create a true cinema experience for your friends and family, with just one tap from your couch.

'One Click' control

Switch all of your lights off with one click, no more having to enter each room. Have scenes set to dim lighting at your preferred time and brightness.

Set your scene

When you’re away, set your scene to turn lights on and off in selected rooms, even your outdoor lighting can be added to the scene to help keep your property safe.

Automated Sensors

In every house there are rooms that are rarely used, set a sensor and forget. The sensor will turn the light on when you enter and turn it off after it detects the room has been empty.

Manage your lighting via your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

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