About us

Whatever your vision. We can create it.

Tower Automation is a specialist in designing and installing luxury smart home, office and building solutions. 

Situated on the Northern Beaches and servicing Sydney and greater NSW, we live and breathe automation and love to show off what it can do.

Our Automation solutions are not just for the home. We work with businesses and organisations to provide automation on a much larger scale such as complete control of lighting, AV systems, CCTV cameras and wifi & networking in large office spaces or entire buildings!

Creature Comforts

We can provide you with all of the creature comforts you and your family desire


We can protect your business with the latest security technology


We can bring your existing home into the 21st century


We can make your new build as luxurious as you like


We can make it possible for your loved ones to live independently, safe and comfortable

Reduce Energy

We can assist your business in monitoring the usage and energy consumption.

Whatever your vision, We can create it

Our mission is to show you how simple and truly awesome automation really is.